On Marriage

20 Apr

Figures, as soon as I get a new boyfriend people start throwing the marriage word around.

Really? Really.

To which I say, uh, no thank you…marriage is the furthest thing from my mind right now. I have ZERO desire to get married again in the near, distant or really future at all.

And who can blame me?

I mean, do I really look like I want to go down THAT road again – a road where in the end I was tremendously hurt and emotionally abused? A road where, I found myself in the darkest pits of hell? A road where…the heartbreak is quite unbearable? Yah, because that sounds like a party – NOT.

I am not ruling marriage out completely in the VERY VERY far future. I, like any other girl, I want that fairy tale, I want to lively happily ever after, but I have way too much healing to still go through to even begin to think about marriage.

And yes, while I am dating someone…its simply that, dating. I am in no rush for anything…and my poor boyfriend has learned that, the hard way. We had a little discussion the other night about what I need right now. And being smothered and all overly touched and PDA filled is not what I need. He remembers me from high school, back then, I was all about spending tons of time together and PDA. Now, though, things are different. Theres a lot of hurt and wounds and such that I gotta work through still.

And thankfully he gets that and cares enough about me to respect my wishes on things. And I am glad.

But really, why is it that people still feel the need to bring up the “m” word to me again? Seriously? Why can’t people focus on their own stuff and leave my life alone. I’ll get married again when and if I want to and the timing of it is none of anyones business.

just because my ex got engaged 2 months after our divorce was finalized does not mean I will. TRUST ME….I won’t, well I can’t because we’re way past that two month time span anyways…

And besides, I have a list a mile long of all the expectations that a future husband must meet before he puts a ring on this naked finger of mine. Oh the hoops and tests he will have to go through.

Marriage – meh…no thanks…not for a while


One Response to “On Marriage”

  1. Chrissy April 20, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    Good for you for having a mile long list of expectations. I can’t believe people would ask this either, were they not around when all this crap went down?! SERIOUSLY?! (Taken from Izzie on Grey’s :))

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