Dear 1D Fans

1 May

Dearest Crazy One Direction Fans,

I am writing you this because someone needs to. The amount of crazy some of you possess is kind of concerning to me and I wanted you to know…its not ok. But let me start out saying…

I get it. I once was a tween/teen girl who though New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys were the most amazing delicious things since sliced bread. And hey, I get that those 5 lads from England are cute, charming, and make your heart swoon…but here’s a dose of reality….they don’t know you from Eve.

I think it’s crazy to threaten their girlfriends….put death hits out on them. I hate to tell you this but Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis and Zayne will almost likely never ever date you. And you threatening their girlfriends or anyone that looks at them is not the best idea. First of all, how old are you and you’re making these threats, second of all, really? Threatening their lives? Really?

Also, did I mention that you don’t stand a chance? I mean, I hate to be brutal here, but well I don’t, because some of you are plain delusional. These boys don’t know you from the millions of other screaming annoying fans…and honestly, with their stardom, they are likely going to chose to be with people like models or actresses…

I just ask that you chill. Because in a few years they will not be the newest sensation since sliced bread.

Yes I still love NKOTB and BSB (even went to their concert thankyouverymuch) but as you grow up and such, you learn that while they are a delight to the ears and eyes….reality is…they are famous…so enjoy staring at them, and drooling over them, but just stop pretending you’re gonna be Mrs Harry Styles or whatever…cuz its just annoying.


Me (the One Direction Cougar!)


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